And the winner is...

Yet another Gerp has passed, and loads of releases were made.

We thank everyone who was present on the party and all those who watched it on the stream.

We also have to throw a BIG THANKS to all of you who donated the fine prizes for the compos! It was very appriciated!

The results and downloads are available on the Releases page!

published on or before 2022-Apr-07

Melodikrysset returns, update!

Don't forget Daltons Melodikrysset on Saturday morning at 10:03!

Prepare by downloading the Melodikrysset sheet here and print it out. A limited number of copies will be available at the party place.

Please note that Melodikrysset is in Swedish. (Sorry all foreigners. Try teaming up with a Swede!)

published on or before 2022-Mar-30

10 Days to the END! (of the wait)

Covid info:

In Sweden there are currently no requirements for Covid Passport or Face Mask for events like these. However, please use common sense and stay home if you are sick. If you come from abroad, please check which rules apply to respective transportation mode, like if you need Covid Passport for flights etc. Read more about it on Folkhälsomydighetens home page.

Bring necessary equipment!

It was quite some time since we had physical partys going. Don't forget to bring what you need, like: Computer, Power strip, Necessary cables and power supplies, Towel, Toothbrush, Screwdriver, etc. There are general stores both close and far, most close at 21-, 22-ish.

Small alteration of the Schedule.

Cover Music is now at 14:00 on saturday, with deadline at 11:00.

And lastly, the alcohol.

It's forbidden to bring your own alcohol to the party. The restaurant in the building has the rights to serve alcoholic beverages in the whole Kulturhuset and thus your are not allowed to bring your own. Beer and Cider will be sold at the party.

published on 2022-Mar-22

Platform distribution!

They say today is PI day and therefor we present to you the platform distribution of the visitors in a nice PI(e) chart!

The chart represents those who have supplied a specific platform. A visitor can have 0 or more platforms.

Other is all there were only one of: C16, Gameboy, Gamate, PDP11, Osborne 1, VHS, Mac, and UNiX.

published on 2022-Mar-14

Streams and Remotes!

Just like previous years we will do our best to stream the compos. Updates on where we will stream will follow later (Either Twitch or CCC). Check in here when the party starts for definite information

We welcome remote entries in the demo and graphics compos. Please see rules how we handle remote entries. Remote music entries are also welcome in the unofficial exe music compo (see rules).

published on 2022-Mar-06

Amiga 4ch Music Compo Prize!

Alpa of Insane and Proper Disco is donating a very fine piece of music hardware for the Amiga 4Ch Music Compo. The winner of the compo will receive a Komplete Kontrol M32 MIDI keyboard!

Now there is no excuse not to participate, so get on it!

published on 2022-Feb-27

Friday Night Music Compo!

On friday night, at Gerp, an unofficial Amiga 500 executable music compo will take place hosted by Teo of Focus Design and Rebels.

To take part in the compo, send your entry to Teo by mail ( or through any other communication channel where you might find him. For any questions regarding the compo, contact Teo.

Go to Competitions in the site menu to find the rules for the compo.

published on or before 2022-Feb-16

Prizes prizes prizes (an update)!

The main prizes for the Amiga Demo and Other Platform Demo competitions have now left the manufactoring lines and have passed QA testing!

Director Chucky: -"Booting as expected!".

See you in 46 days!

published on or before 2022-Feb-13

An update regarding Covid-19!

The swedish government has declared that from the 9th of February Covid-19 is no longer considered as a socially dangerous disease and that close to all regulations that was in place to reduce the spread of the virus are being removed.

This means that currently there are no impediments regarding Covid-19 that are stopping Gerp 2022 from taking place between the 1st and 3rd of April.


As we have experienced before, things can turn quickly in times of Corona and we recommend that you book refundable flights, hotels etc. if possible.

See you all in April!

published on or before 2022-Feb-13

We once again accept registrations!

The time is upon us to fill the last few open spots. So boot up your old computer and sign up now (unless you are signed up already..)!

published on or before 2022-Jan-31

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy holiday

Let's hope next year will bring us more demo scene parties where we can actually meet IRL.

/Gerp crew

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Confirmations and refunds!

There is now information on how you can confim your reservation for the new date at the Sign Up! page.

If you want to come, you have to confirm your reservation.

If you don't want to or cannot come, you don't have to do anything. If you have not confirmed your reservation on the 28th of January, we will remove your spot and refund your ticket if you already payed for it.

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

New date!

We have now secured a new date for Gerp 2022! The venue is booked and will be the same as last time.

Book the weekend April 1st to 3rd (no, it's not a AFD joke..) and we will hope that Covid decides to slow down until then.

More info regarding how to confirm your registration will come here later this week, so keep your eyes open.

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Gerp Postponed!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and the uncertainties it brings, Gerp 2022 has been postponed. We are looking at a new date not too far into the future and will be back with more information as soon as it has been confirmed that the venue is available. More information will hopefully be available within a week.

Once the date has been published you will have to confirm that you want to keep your reservation or you will be removed from the visitors list. If you have prepaid your entrance fee you will get to choose if you want the money back or if the payment should be kept for the new date.

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Fire up your paint programs!

Prowler and are once again sponsoring the compos at Gerp with some printed pixel art!

The winner of the Amiga graphics compo will receive a copy of the book The Masters of Pixel Art - Volume 3 and the winner of the Other platform graphics compo will receive a nice pixel art calendar and a pack of pixel art postcards.

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

We now have an Intro compo!

Due to popular demand we are expanding the compos with an Amiga 40k intro competition.

Let's get those crunchers going and ready your intros for precalc!

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Melodikrysset returns!

Dalton of Tulou will be back at Gerp 2022 with another special edition of Melodikrysset.

Enjoy classic amiga game tracks and try to solve the crossword puzzle while sipping on your morning coffee.

10.03 Saturday morning, right after Ekot. Only at Gerp!

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Good news everyone!

Chucky and TerribleFire are sponsoring the Amiga demo compo with an Amiga 1200 TF1260 accelerator card complete with a rev1 50 MHz 060 CPU and 128MB RAM.

But hold your disks, we are not finished yet! They are also sponsoring the Other platform demo compo with an Amiga 1200 TF1230 accelerator card with 50MHz 030 CPU and 128 MB RAM.

Both of the cards will be first prizes in their respective compos.

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

Gerp 2022 is on like Donkey Kong!

Time to Gerp again!

Planning has started for yet another instance of the demo party Gerp, so save the 28th-30th of Januari 2022 for a weekend of fun and demoing. Once again we host it in the middle of Skövde, right next to the train and bus station.

Due to the current pandemic we will monitor the regulations and recommendations that Swedish authorities suggests and we are aware of the risk that things might get worse again. We therefore recommend that you make sure that you can get your money back on hotel reservations etc.

What are you still doing here reading this? Shouldn't you be signing up already?! We don't have any sprites in the border, but we have a link to the sign up section up in the menu!

published on or before 2021-Dec-31

The essentials

  • Dates: April 1-3, 2022.
  • Location: Skövde culture centre (Sweden).
  • Entrance fee: 250 SEK (200 SEK if you prepay) (~€25/~€20).
  • Capacity: 0 visitors.



Gerp 2022 opens


Amiga 500 Executable Music compo






Deadline Cover Music


Compo Cover Music


Deadline Chip Music, 4ch Music, and Graphics


Deadline Demo, Amiga 40k, and Wild




Prize giving ceremony




Gerp 2022 is over

General information

The party has a focus on the oldschool platforms and historically it has been a stronghold for the Amiga demoscene, hence the focus on this platform. However everyone with an intrest in the demoscene is welcome no matter if your target machine is a C64, an Atari, a PC or something else. In total there is room for about 0 people with computers.

Since the partyplace is located in the middle of town you will find hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarket etc all within a few minutes of walking. The closest hotels are located just around the corner and the train/bus station is right across the street.

There will be beer sold at the party and this is something we will arrange together with the restaurant that is located in the same building as the party. While this is a nice feature it also has the downside that you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol inside (yup, that's the law).

Due to the current pandemic we will monitor the regulations and recommendations that Swedish authorities suggests and we are aware of the risk that things might get worse again. We therefore recommend that you make sure that you can get your money back on hotel reservations etc.

The entrance fee includes free breakfast on saturday and sunday and free coffee troughout the party. As with any true demoparty you can bring your inflatable matress and sleep in the hall. If you're getting rusty and rather sleep at a hotel we supply some links for you below.


If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Långgatan 7' in Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there. Once you arrive at the culture centre look for the entrance towards the hall named 'Freja', located at the north-east side of the building.

There is a parking house ('Modeparkeringen') a couple of hundred meters north of the party place with a cost of 75 SEK for 24 hours. This is probably the best solution if you want to avoid hassle with moving the car during certain hours and want to park close to the party. You can also park by the trainstation but this is slightly more expensive.

The closest parking space just north of the party place has a limit of max two hours parking during pay time (10-18 friday, 10-15 saturday and sunday) and the cost for these hours are 10 SEK for the first hour and 20 SEK for the second hour. While unloading your gear you can also park your car along the road outside the railroad station.

If you don't want to pay for parking and don't mind parking a bit further away you can unload your gear and then park your car for free at Arena Skövde a 10-15 minutes walk from the partyplace.

Here be a link to nice internet page about parking in Skövde: Click here for parking information.

If you want to go by train or bus just make sure that your end destination is 'Skövde Resecentrum'. Cross the street and head for the entrance shown in the picture below.


Amiga Demo

  1. 1: TEK - Transhuman / Pachinkoland (210)
  2. 2: Focus Design - Kick the sofa (165)
  3. 3: Istari - LA Style (90)
  4. 4: Ghetto Crew - Ocean Floor (61)

Amiga Executable Music

  1. 1: Alpa / Insane - As we have waited (23)
  2. 2: mA2E / dSr - Kitty's Market Stroll (20)
  3. 3: teo / FD ^ RBS - Moonlight (18)
  4. 4: Virgill / ATZ ^ HJB - Mothership (12)
  5. 5: CurtCool / nAh ^ Depth - Insiracer (7)
  6. 6: adkd / Artstate - Loopback (3)
  7. 7: Chlumpie / BOCK - Brunhilde (3)

Amiga 40k

  1. 1: Desire - Ramontic Getaway (54)

Amiga 4 channel Music

  1. 1: Mygg & Bonefish / Insane - 404 crew returns (162)
  2. 2: mA2E / Desire - Thrill 4 noise (133)
  3. 3: Hyperunknown / Noice - Goats n snoblins (109)
  4. 4: Kefka / Insane - Data/Grill (105)
  5. 5: Teo & Virgill - The drunken sampler (102)
  6. 6: Amiga Junglism & Xtra Spicey Mikey & Teis & Spot / Up rough - 1st fracture (56)
  7. 7: Optic / Planet Jazz - Leadshoes (50)
  8. 8: Morbid / Five Finger Punch - 0123 (28)

Amiga Graphics

  1. 1: Critikill / Rebels^Brainstorm - The Mother (225)
  2. 2: Optic / Planet Jazz - Herb (220)
  3. 3: Farfar / Loonies - Akeema (148)
  4. 4: Malmix / Nature - Wolves in cheap clothing (145)
  5. 5: VJ Vilmer - Tjej-Putin (46)
  6. 6: DJ Cat - ET Cykel (25)

Chip Music

  1. 1: Alpa / Insane - Get gerpes, hurray! (145)
  2. 2: mA2E / Desire - Overjoyed by groove (127)
  3. 2: Vedder & Mygg / Insane - Bitflipping therapy (127)
  4. 4: Klegg & Fegolhuzz / Fairlight - (126)
  5. 5: Radiant - I break for no beat. (107)
  6. 6: Hyperunknown / Noice - Goathub / Modem family (57)
  7. 7: Slash / TEK - Sk�vde filler (54)

Cover Music

  1. 1: Mygg / Insane - Hyperbased (100)
  2. 2: G-gnu / Struts - Spy vs Spy (76)
  3. 3: mA2E / Desire - Game of thrones (73)
  4. 4: Boogeyman / Insane - Space gravitation (60)
  5. 5: d vibe / Nature - Nexus 7 Theme (54)
  6. 6: Hyperunknown / Noice - Dreaming 29h a Day Remix (52)
  7. 7: Curt Cool & Magic / Nah-Kolor - Microdosage Mario (47)
  8. 8: Frost / Tulou - Djävlar anamma (Doom level 1) (41)
  9. 9: Photon / Scoopex - Das Model (38)
  10. 10: Magnar - Stardust Magnaries (25)

Other Platform Demo

  1. 1: Fatzone - Partypopper (227)
  2. 2: Five Finger Punch - Alien conviction (170)
  3. 3: SMFX & DHS - The (fucking) (complex) art of Profanity (166)
  4. 4: Insane - Official memberlist 2022 (57)
  5. 5: SMFX - QL sprite record (48)
  6. 6: Genesis Project - Gubbdata invitro (46)
  7. 7: F4CG - Oldsk00l intro plus (32)
  8. 8: Commodore Master Soft - 7th (27)

Other Platform Graphics

  1. 1: Carrion - Una lanterna magica (170)
  2. 2: Optic / Planet Jazz - Summer of squid (154)
  3. 3: Magnar - Cracked Woman (124)
  4. 4: Lobo - Nothing but a gorehound (63)
  5. 5: Pepe - Madness (59)
  6. 6: Radiant - Asu Worumu (56)
  7. 7: Soya - Pyramid (30)
  8. 8: Malmix / Fatzone - Compo filler boy (28)
  9. 9: Dstar & Wix - Black bird rising in the horizon (5)


  1. 1: Bitbendaz - Velox (189)
  2. 2: Insane - Kexliv (169)
  3. 3: Bitbendaz - Vespidae (157)
  4. 4: Dalton / Tulou - Polka cycle experience (120)
  5. 5: Fred / The Gang - Kyrka (49)
  6. 6: VJ Vilmer - DEVIL VS GOD (35)


Stream Relay kindly provided by CCC.


We who arrange these Gerpish events are listed below.

There are some additional people that has helped out during the years and we thank thee, you know who you are.

Malmix / Nature^Fatzone^FD
Pumbaa / Traktor
Esau / Traktor
Olle / Traktor^Latex^Planet Jazz
d vibe / Nature
Lance / Traktor
Bore / Traktor
Yomat / Nature
Sunday / DPS^Proxima^Calamity


Sorry, but the princess is in another castle and she said we don't have any more available seats. If a spot becomes available we will open the registration again, so keep an eye out here. There is no queue.

Prepay your entrance fee by swishing 200 SEK to phone number 0731-414259 or if you prefer transfer the same amount to bank account 8299-0 993.628.580-9 (Swedbank). Do this before 23rd of March 2022 and mark your payment with your handle. If you pay by bank transfer please also send a mail to so we don't miss to check the account.

If you insist on paying at the party place, by cash or Swish, the entrance fee will be 250 SEK.

Since it's not possible for foreigners to prepay with Swish, and bank transfer can be cumbersome, it will still be 200 SEK (~€20) at the party. We prefer SEK.

New registrations will open if someone withdraws.

So far 89 people signed up. There are currently no seats available.
# Handle Group Platform Computer Ticket
1 Lisardman CCC Amiga Yes Yes
2 Dasse Dead Hackers Society (DHS) Amiga 500/1200 Yes Yes
3 Orbiter Atari/PC Yes Yes
4 wasp PACiF!C^Powerline Amiga Yes Yes
5 fryguy CCC Amiga/Gamate Yes Yes
6 deadguy PACiF!C^Up Rough Amiga Yes Yes
7 Corel iNSANE Amiga etc. Yes Yes
8 Chucky The Gang Amiga Yes Yes
9 vedder iNSANE Amiga Yes Yes
10 Blueberry Loonies Amiga, PC, C64, C16 Yes Yes
11 kefka iNSANE Amiga Yes Yes
12 Bjoppen iNSANE Amiga,C64 Yes Yes
13 hyperunknown Noice Amiga Yes Yes
14 Arizsera - Yes Yes
15 Radiant Computers Yes Yes
16 Morbid Five Finger Punch PDP11 Yes Yes
17 notorious Struts^Scoopex Amiga Yes Yes
18 Todi Tulou Amiga Yes Yes
19 sLASH The Electronic Knights Amiga Yes Yes
20 G-Gnu Struts Amiga Yes Yes
21 highpuff Struts Amiga Yes Yes
22 vilcans Five Finger Punch All of them Yes Yes
23 Mygg Ins^BB Amiga, PC Yes Yes
24 mA2E dSr Amiga/C64/Atari+++ Yes Yes
25 bonefish Reality Amiga No Yes
26 ALPA iNSANE / pROPER dISCO Amiga Yes Yes
27 Evil DHS Atari Yes Yes
28 Frequent Ephidrena Amiga/Atari/pc Yes Yes
29 talos AINT UNiX Yes Yes
30 Nerve Ephidrena All of the above Yes Yes
31 Marvin DPS^LTX C64+? Yes Yes
32 Gouafhg The gang Amiga Yes Yes
33 Creep F4CG/LTX C64, Amiga Yes Yes
34 Kreator CMS/F4CG c64 No Yes
35 Dalton Tulou Amiga Yes Yes
36 Stalvik Bitbendaz Pc + secret Yes Yes
37 Prospect iNSANE/cLOUS Amiga Yes Yes
38 prowler Nectarine ^ Nicepixel Amiga, C64, etc Yes Yes
39 bifat tek^k2 Amiga 500 Yes Yes
40 Brannigan Amiga, C64 Yes Yes
41 Anders New Beat Atari Falcon030 Yes Yes
42 ZeSmasher F4CG c64 Yes Yes
43 Randy iNSANE Yes Yes
44 origo iNSANE Amiga Yes Yes
45 nero Bauknecht ^STILL Amiga Yes Yes
46 Photon Scoopex Amiga Yes Yes
47 Spot Up Rough, Divine Stylers Amiga Yes Yes
48 Fredf The Gang Amigf Yes Yes
49 digix old Yes Yes
50 pipe nature amiga Yes Yes
51 l-boy amiga Yes Yes
52 Teo Focus Design ^ Rebels Amiga No Yes
53 edhellon resource^censor design^rbbs C64 No Yes
54 instream Nature Atariiii! Yes Yes
55 Hencox Nature Atari Falcon030 Yes Yes
56 ZZAP69 Onslaught C64/Amiga Yes Yes
57 Optic Planet.Jazz^FD^PRX Amiga, C64 Yes Yes
58 shoe SyntaxSociety Amiga Yes Yes
59 Boogeyman iNSANE Mac Yes Yes
60 Mr Guppy Ghetto Crew Amiga Yes Yes
61 Captain Obvious Ghetto Crew Amiga Yes Yes
62 Krill Plush YES Yes Yes
63 OleT2B Amiga No Yes
64 grip istari amiga Yes Yes
65 Phreedh Härdcöre Möfökkähz Amiga Yes Yes
66 AmishHobo #noh Amiga Yes No
67 Magic Nah-Kolor / Vandalism News Staff Amiga / C64 No Yes
68 Magnar Nah Kolor Amiga No Yes
69 Dj Cat KESO Amiga/VHS Yes Yes
70 Vi Vilmer PC Yes Yes
71 tFt Darklite.Dekadence Amiga No Yes
72 Slummy ZmSpBzh Amiga No Yes
73 KMS C64 No Yes
75 Klegg Fairlight C64 Yes Yes
76 spkr smfx Yes Yes
77 Lux Reality C64 Yes Yes
78 z-nexx Genesis Project Gameboy, Amiga Yes Yes
79 corpsicle insane amiga Yes Yes
80 Bigge iNSANE C64 Yes Yes
81 CoMpLy Yes Yes
82 Frost Tulou^Triad Amiga, C64 Yes No
83 platon42 Desire Amiga Yes Yes
84 ADent CCC Yes Yes
85 il Profesore Istari Binary and Quantum Yes Yes
86 Presence Fnuque Amiga/PC Yes Yes
87 PeP Sultans of Sodom Atari Yes Yes
88 Azpie iNSANE Yes Yes
89 Godfrey ENM BESK Yes Yes