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Hold your horses. Gerp is really happening?!

Time to Gerp again!

Yet another Gerp is coming. This time it's the brand new 2023 version.

Once again we host it in the middle of Skövde, right next to the train and bus station so book your hotels for 20th-22nd of Januari 2023 for a weekend of fun and demoing.

The new page is coming soon and the registration will open once it's done.

The essentials

  • Dates: January 20-22, 2023.
  • Location: Skövde culture centre (Sweden).
  • Entrance fee: 200 SEK (~€20).
  • Capacity: ~100 visitors.



Gerp opens!


Breakfast is served


Deadline: Chip Music, 4CH Music, and Graphics


Deadline: Demo, Amiga 40k, and Wild


All Compos


Prize giving ceremony


Breakfast is served


Gerp is over!

General information

The party has a focus on the oldschool platforms and historically it has been a stronghold for the Amiga demoscene, hence the focus on this platform. However everyone with an intrest in the demoscene is welcome no matter if your target machine is a C64, an Atari, a PC or something else. In total there is room for about 100 people with computers.

Since the partyplace is located in the middle of town you will find hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarket etc all within a few minutes of walking. The closest hotels are located just around the corner and the train/bus station is right across the street.

There will be beer sold at the party and this is something we will arrange together with the restaurant that is located in the same building as the party. While this is a nice feature it also has the downside that you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol inside (yup, that's the law).

The entrance fee includes free breakfast on saturday and sunday and free coffee troughout the party. As with any true demoparty you can bring your inflatable matress and sleep in the hall. If you're getting rusty and rather sleep at a hotel we supply some links for you below.


If you are going by car you should point your GPS towards 'Långgatan 7' in Skövde or find driving directions for how to get there. Once you arrive at the culture centre look for the entrance towards the hall named 'Freja', located at the north-east side of the building.

There is a parking house ('Modeparkeringen') a couple of hundred meters north of the party place with a cost of 75 SEK for 24 hours. This is probably the best solution if you want to avoid hassle with moving the car during certain hours and want to park close to the party. You can also park by the trainstation but this is slightly more expensive.

The closest parking space just north of the party place has a limit of max two hours parking during pay time (10-18 friday, 10-15 saturday and sunday) and the cost for these hours are 10 SEK for the first hour and 20 SEK for the second hour. While unloading your gear you can also park your car along the road outside the railroad station.

If you don't want to pay for parking and don't mind parking a bit further away you can unload your gear and then park your car for free at Arena Skövde a 10-15 minutes walk from the partyplace.

Here be a link to nice internet page about parking in Skövde: Click here for parking information.

If you want to go by train or bus just make sure that your end destination is 'Skövde Resecentrum'. Cross the street and head for the entrance shown in the picture below.

Gerp 2023 organizers

  • Bore / Traktor
  • d vibe / Nature
  • Esau / Traktor
  • Lance / Traktor
  • Malmix / Nature^Fatzone^FD
  • Olle / Traktor^Latex^Planet Jazz
  • Pumbaa / Traktor


So far x people signed up. There are currently z computer seats available.